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Whenever you feel stuck with your article writing and are facing the typical writer’s block, you should go with the ‘brain dumping’ method where you write as fast as possible without thinking twice. Just write down everything that comes into your mind, and this will help the break writer’s block that you may be experiencing. As you write down this content, the spelling, grammar and punctuation will not even be considered during this process. You will be utterly astounded by all of the content that you come up with what you have put all of your article content into written format. Later on, you can use re-structure and proof read this article to make it presentable.

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Literary fiction

Literary fiction comprises fictional works that hold literary merit; that is, they involve social commentary, or political criticism, or focus on the human condition. Literary fiction is deliberately written in dialogue with existing works, created with the above aims in mind and is focused more on themes than on plot, and it is common for literary fiction to be taught and discussed in schools and universities.

Literary fiction is usually contrasted with popular, commercial, or genre fiction. Some have described the difference between them in terms of analyzing reality (literary) rather than escaping reality (popular). The contrast between these two subsets of fiction is controversial among critics and scholars.

Dogville Lars Von Trier

Dogville is a 2003 Danish avant-garde drama film written and directed by Lars von Trier, and starring Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Chloë Sevigny, Paul Bettany, Stellan Skarsgård, Udo Kier, Ben Gazzara and James Caan. It is a parable that uses an extremely minimal, stage-like set to tell the story of Grace Mulligan (Kidman), a woman hiding from mobsters, who arrives in the small mountain town of Dogville, Colorado, and is provided refuge in return for physical labor. Because she has to win and retain the acceptance of every single one of the inhabitants of the town to be allowed to stay, any attempt by her to have her own way or to put a limit on her service risks driving her back out into the arms of the criminals. Although she has no power in herself, her stay there ultimately changes the lives of the local people and the town in many ways.

The film is the first in von Trier’s projected USA – Land of Opportunities trilogy, which was followed by Manderlay (2005) and is projected to be completed with Washington. The film was in competition for the Palme d’Or at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival[2] but Gus Van Sant‘s Elephant won the award. It was screened at various film festivals before receiving a limited release in the US on March 26, 2004.

Since its release, critics’ reception for Dogville has been polarized. Some have branded it as pretentious or incomprehensible, while others have labeled it a masterpiece. As part of the 2012 Sight & Sound polls, six critics and three directors named it one of the best films ever made.[3]


What Is Exegesis?

Exegesis [ < Greek exègeisthai (to interpret) < ex- (out) + hègeisthai (to lead). Related to English ‘seek’.] Definition: To interpret a text by way of a thorough analysis of its content. When you do exegesis, you are an exegete who is exegeting the text. What you are doing is described as being exegetical. In its most basic Bible-relevant meaning, exegesis means finding out what the Spirit originally was saying through its author in that Bible passage.

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Texa’s police

There has been a spate of events where police in Texas overplays the use of force against upper-class non-white teenagers. Most recently, Mohamed, a 14 year old freshman at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, was taken into police custody when he brought a homemade digital clock to school to impress the teachers.


The case of the 14-year old wunderkind put in handcuffs is making national news, highlighting how racism and Islamophobia are breeding hysteria even in our schools. It’s also spotlighting boneheaded behavior: instead of apologizing to Ahmed, his school dug in and defended the arrest and suspension of their award-winning engineering student.

Support for Ahmed is surging. The hashtag #IStandWithAhmed ( is trending, and President Obama just tweeted “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?” to the star student! His school needs apologize now, or fire the principal if necessary. Sign and share ASAP:

Ninth grader Ahmed Mohammed has a passion for robotics and engineering. He builds things all the time. On Sunday he made a clock and took it to show his engineering teacher at school on Monday. Another teacher saw it, said it looked like a bomb from the movies, convened a group of teachers to interrogate him, and called the police. They handcuffed Ahmed and took him to jail where he was fingerprinted, had his mug shot taken, and interrogated without a parent — against the law. Would a Texas student named Brad or Amy have received the same treatment?


Regardless of  whether  the school’s actions of taking the clock for a bomb and calling the police were paranoiac or due-diligence, the police had no grounds to arrest and handcuff a 14 year old in school without contacting his parents first and assessing the situation properly. The kid did not treat anyone and only showed the clock to a teacher, that assumed without other cause than racial profiling, that it was a bomb. The police knew that the device was NOT a bomb since they interrogated the child for over an hour and charged him with faking a bomb, despite the fact that he always described the device to everybody as a digital clock.

In June 2015, In McKinney, Texas, police broke a local pool party on Friday night, like if it were a burglary of some sort, harassing black kids, but leaving white ones alone, as if they were invisible. A situation between a mom and a girl broke out and when the cops showed up everyone ran, including the people who didn’t do anything. So the cops just started putting everyone on the ground and in handcuffs for no reason. This kind of force is uncalled for especially on children and innocent bystanders. In particular, a police officer put a 13 year old girl face down in the floor for no reason at all. The officer was placed on administrative leave after being filmed aggressively handcuffing, and then pulling a weapon on, a group of black teens.

The harsh treatment of teens that are handcuffed while involved in non-aggressive normal day-to-day activities contrast with the treatment given thugs actually involved in murder and a shoot out at a mall.

Police in Waco charged 170 people with organised crime in what could potentially represent the largest mass arrest on a capital charge in American history. The gangsters were arrested and charged in connection with a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, which left nine dead and 18 injured. However, if one looks at pictures of the arrest, he gangsters were not even handcuffed.

Irene Papas & Vangelis • Rapsodies

Published on Jan 23, 2015

Irene Papas & Vangelis • Rapsodies

Vangelis’ second collaboration with Irene Papas features music and text based on (or inspired by) Greek Orthodox liturgical chant. Papas sings the Greek Lyrics which are in fact Greek Orthodox Christian Hymns. Vangelis composed one additional song that blends nicely with the other material.
In most countries this album is hard to find.

1. Ti Ipermacho Stratigo 6:51
2. O! Gliki Mou Ear 8:40
3. Ton Nimfona Sou Vlepo 1:36
4. Rapsodia 5:24
5. Tin Oreotita Tis Parthenias Sou 4:39
6. Christos Anesti 7:20
7. Asma Asmaton 11:14

In Greece, a re-mastered edition was released in 2007, with a partly translated track list:

Label: Polydor ‎– 06025 1720630 4
Format: CD, Album, Remastered
Country: Europe
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Ambient


1 To My Champion And Commander 6:52
2 Oh, My Sweet Springtime 8:41
3 I See Your Bridal Chamber All Bedecked 1:36
4 Rhapsody 5:26
5 The Beauty Of Your Virginity And The Splendor Of Your Purity 4:41
6 Resurrection 7:23
7 Song Of Songs 11:13


Arranged By, Producer, Performer [All Instruments] – Vangelis
Artwork By [Original Album Cover Design] – Nikos Kostopoulos
Composed By – Vangelis (tracks: 4, 7)
Engineer [Assistant Sound Engineer] – John Martin (4)
Engineer [Sound Engineer] – Jess Sutcliffe
Photography [Remastered Album Inlay Photography] – Stathis Zalidis
Translated By [Solomon’s Poem] – Lefteris Papadopoulos* (tracks: 7)
Vocals – Irene Papas


First release of album: 1986

Recorded at Nemo Studios, London England 1986

Matrix Info:

[Universal Music logo] IFPI LV26
06025 172 063-0 01 * 51914763
Made in Germany by EDC

Plastic mould (can vary from disc to disc), so far seen: IFPI 0119, IFPI 0122

Bar-Code: 0 602517 206304

Worldwide licence to Universal Music S.A. (Greece).
All tracks sub-published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd (UK).

(P) & © V 2007 Universal Music S.A. (Greece), a Universal Music Company.


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